Power Rangers -- Arwen Barr

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Hi, thanks so much for visiting my Global Solidarity Challenge (GSC) fundraising page!

Whatís the Global Solidarity Challenge? GSC is VIDEAís creative annual fundraising challenge. Funds raised will support VIDEAís gender, education, and poverty reduction programs in Canada and overseas.

This year Iím excited to be on Team Power Rangers! Our teamís acts of solidarity recognize the privilege we have in accessing the amount of energy we use and also acknowledge the impact our energy overconsumption has on the environment and our global community, particularly marginalized populations.

This year during GSC week I will, by coincidence of circumstance, be spending the majority of the week without electricity while travelling in rural Sierra Leone participating in health facility visits. In light of this, as part of my GSC week I will be reflecting on, documenting, and sharing some of the ways access to and consumption of energy are linked to health.

Check out my team membersí pages to see and support some of the solidarity challenges they will be doing Ė from shutting of breaker switches at their houses, to doing one minute of physical exercise for every minute of power consumed, to writing letters to MPs to push for shifts towards more renewable energy sources.

I am participating in the challenge first and foremost because the funds raised allow VIDEA to continue the work they do; VIDEA is a fantastic organization driven by a heart of dedicated individuals fiercely committed to social justice. Iím also participating in gratitude for the incredible support that VIDEA has given and continues to give me as a former IYIP intern. I have yet to find an organization more supportive or committed to the well-being and personal and professional development of their interns than VIDEA. 

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