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Hi all! Thanks so much for taking the time to tune into another year of Global Solidarity Challenges. Although this time last year I was in Zambia for my internship, which gave the challenge huge meaning, it will be important to keep the momentum going forward to support the motherboard of VIDEA which makes the magic happen here in Canada with some amazing, grassroots Indigenous youth programming that I am ecstatic about, as well as funding partners internationally. Particularly in beloved Zambia with the Rural Youth Exposure conference which I helped to run last year, which brings youth from remote and rural areas to expose them to a multitude of career and education options to inspire them to dream big. 

This years focus for my team is about food consumption, which is something I love discussing with anyone who will chat about it! Being informed by my upbringing of garden fresh food and meat that was hunted and fished rather than bought from a grocery store, I am passionate about having a connection to the land directly through food. Having a mostly plant based diet for the last few years, supplemented by meat that was humbly harvested by my loved ones or a local butcher (don't even get me started on my own quest for food sovereignty I'll talk for hours!), I am equally passionate about food waste. Working within the social sector with street entrenched youth as well as with women fleeing violence, providing their basic food needs is a part of my work, but I struggle with the quality of food that is purchased by the organizations who have low budgets, as well as with the amount of food waste produced. And just returning recently from two months of travelling in other low income countries- Nepal and India- I am still processing how the production and consumption of food differs across culture. 

My week will be spent purchasing no new food- I must either use up the stores of food that I do have, get food for free at a community centre or my workplace, or (what I've been wanting to do for so long- there's quite the culture in Victoria for it) is dumpster dive!

Big hugs!

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