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view from Slangspruit Primary School

Goal: $500

$325 raised so far,   $175 to go!

Trying to get an education in the developing world is like beating all the odds and surviving in a deserted island with no resources to support you. It hard to image children fighting these odds but they do and I get to witness it, here in Pietermaritzburg South Africa. I am interning as Youth Development Worker for VIDEA at Ukulapha located in Slangspruit Primary School. This year I will be participating in the VIDEA Global Solidarity Challenge to raise awareness about the challenges youth face when trying to get an education and also to support VIDEA's community development programming in Canada, East Africa and Southern Africa.

As a privileged individual I have easy access to food, water, electricity and heat. All these factored into me having a successful educational path but youth at Slangspruit Primary School all live in poverty and in recent years have been also facing the challenge of the major drought crisis in South Africa. To show solidarity with the youth that I am working with from July 23rd to 28th I will only spend 1.25CAD per day on food and limit my usage of water, electricity and heat. If you would like to show your solidarity with the students around the world who live in poverty, please donate to this worthy cause. All money raised will help VIDEA to continue to support development projects in Africa and Canada.

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