Team 00s

Welcome to Team 00s!

The decade of autotuning, crocs, iPods, MSN Messenger, UGG boots, tamagotchis and Facebook. The start of ‘text speak’ like BRB, TTYL and LOL. Beyonce went solo, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore Canadian tuxedos to the VMAs, and Heath Ledger passed away.

The 2000s also marked the beginning of new modes of international cooperation, such as setting out international goals to meet basic needs and human rights with the introduction of the Millenium Development Goals, and the continued resistance to discrimination and injustice around the world.

Team 2000s is focused on human rights, including the Rights Defenders around the world who continue to face persecution in their struggle for social, economic, resource, and political justice. We are frustrated by social injustice, challenge the status quo, and welcome YOU with open arms - join, or donate to, Team 2000s!